November 02, 2009

Playmats and play dates

Kendra was content to lay on the playmat first. Then again, she didn't have the patience to stay there for long periods like Connor has.

Here's Kendra - weeks and weeks ago... not really interested in looking at the balls, etc. but very interested in the frame!

Then David decided to visit Connor. The two of them had no idea of the other but the mums were excited. David is 17 days younger than the babies but he was born at 38 weeks so is way ahead of them.

In these three pics, the babies are 14 weeks old.

Our nanny trying a spot of match making with Kendra. David looks a bit scared :)

and here's where they realised what a rattle is for - making a noise!

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Nat said...

Our Noonoos are so sweet. Can you get over how fast they are growing? Your 2 are clearly very advanced. David is not holding rattles yet!