November 28, 2009

Kendra, 20 weeks, and nanny drama

I took one "together" pic of these two and then Kendra was looking so cute I started focussing on her.

Of course then she decided no more smiles.

But this is her - intense and totally on her own mission!

Our existing nanny, C, couldn't start at 7 as I need her to do when I go back to work, so I've been interviewing like crazy!

Interviewed 5 in total, loved the last one. The last one! After discussing with D, I emailed the agent to give her the news and let her make the offer.

Nothing, no response from the nanny for days and days on end.

So stress!

Eventually Friday morning Ruth tracks her down through some creative sleuthing (friend of the nanny also on books) and she accepts the offer.

We can breathe again.

The nanny's phone was indeed stolen as I suspected (D called me Sherlock when I told him). She offered to start today (Saturday) so that we could get the training started asap.

I told C that I'd found a new nanny immediately even though she hadn't yet accepted so that we could start her notice period (a week) asap. Last night was her last time with us for the moment but she has to come back for one night in December if she wants her full November salary.

As I type this, the new nanny, V, is busy playing with the babies.
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P.S. This baby thing is stressful!


Anonymous said...

SO glad you found a nanny. I am really enjoying following you on fb. :-)

Laura said...

Whew, I'm sure you must be so relieved to have found a nanny you like. That's great news!