November 28, 2009

Kendra, 20 weeks, and nanny drama

I took one "together" pic of these two and then Kendra was looking so cute I started focussing on her.

Of course then she decided no more smiles.

But this is her - intense and totally on her own mission!

Our existing nanny, C, couldn't start at 7 as I need her to do when I go back to work, so I've been interviewing like crazy!

Interviewed 5 in total, loved the last one. The last one! After discussing with D, I emailed the agent to give her the news and let her make the offer.

Nothing, no response from the nanny for days and days on end.

So stress!

Eventually Friday morning Ruth tracks her down through some creative sleuthing (friend of the nanny also on books) and she accepts the offer.

We can breathe again.

The nanny's phone was indeed stolen as I suspected (D called me Sherlock when I told him). She offered to start today (Saturday) so that we could get the training started asap.

I told C that I'd found a new nanny immediately even though she hadn't yet accepted so that we could start her notice period (a week) asap. Last night was her last time with us for the moment but she has to come back for one night in December if she wants her full November salary.

As I type this, the new nanny, V, is busy playing with the babies.
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P.S. This baby thing is stressful!

November 26, 2009

Today I'm thankful for...

  • my two beautiful, healthy children (these pics were taken at 18 weeks)
doesn't K look naughty?

Connor defending his space

it's the angle; he's not really that huge!

she sticks her hand near his mouth so...

he's "well, if you insist on putting your hand near my mouth, then I'm going to suck it"
Look at K's surprised expression
  • the best husband in the world
  • God, who supplies my every need
  • finding a new nanny (even though she still has to accept the offer and come start work)
  • my kitchen that is finally repainted after being grey for months since I burnt something I was cooking while pregnant
  • Rod Stewart who never fails to cheer me up with his raspy voice.
  • only having another 0.5 kg to lose of the preggy weight

What are you thankful for?

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US blog buddies. Enjoy the turkey :)
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November 25, 2009

Four months

They were 4 months on Sat 7th and we had our check-up the day before. I'm funny like that; I like the dates very close together.

Imagine how happy I'll be at their next appointment in January when I can make their 6-month appointment on the actual day!

It's the small things in life, isn't it? :)

We always take the first appointment of the day at 10am. I just don't see the point of waiting with twins.... when one of them screams!

With all due respect to Kendra, she's stopped the excessive screaming. Looks like the paed was right - she grew out of it. She still has a Very Healthy pair of lungs but these days they're used for a real reason like hunger or tiredness.

Moving along.

D comes with me because he LOVES these appointments. It's actually quite funny - days before he starts adding questions to my list in anticipation of the appointment.

It also helps that we really really really love our paed.

Starting with Connor

He weighed 6,2 kg and is 63 cm tall - a very big boy. If we adjust his age due to the prematurity, he's on 73rd percentile for weight and 93rd for height. But if we consider him an actual 4-month-old baby, then he's on the 50-something percentiles for height and weight. (I stopped listening to the details when I heard how well he's doing because I was just BEAMING - it's like I'm doing the growing :))

We didn't have lots of questions about Connor - only the usual suspects - yip, eating and sleeping.

She told us that the babies are doing JUST FINE and that it is rare for babies to sleep through at 4 months, especially since these ones are actually 2 months. She feels it's good that they're sleeping longer stretches (K 6 hours and then 3 - 4 hours and C 5 hours and 4 hours) at night. And to just relax about it as much as you can relax when you just want to sleep.........

Also he will eat when he's hungry - looking at him he's clearly not starving :)

One thing I liked is she said babies can eat from 120 - 150 ml per kilogram of body weight, so not to stress if the boy doesn't have his full 900 ml a day.

But the best news of all - he was pronounced ready for cereal, one tablespoon every night! She warned me that he will drink even less milk.

Now onto Kendra.

Kendra weighed 4,2 kg and is 57 cm tall. If we consider her an actual 4-month-old baby, then she's on the 3rd percentile for weight.

Which we know since she is tiny and light as a feather. I call her my little baby doll.

The paed is not at all concerned about her because she's not vomiting, no diarrhoea, is eating nicely now and is perfect in every other way. I'm small-ish, D's tall and thin and in fact, Kendra is just like him. She said K probably has a really high metabolism because I took The Notebook with us to prove how much she's been eating.

Funny thing is on the Monday before the appt it's like Kendra suddenly realised that we have a Doctor's Appt on Friday so she started chowing down in earnest :) Over 600ml for many days since then and she's even done some 700 ml days (she's supposed to have 630ml).

We also spoke to her because K fell off the couch - oh, didn't I mention that? :) - and we didn't take her in to get checked. We monitored her really close for the next 24 hours but she was exactly the same as she usually is so I didn't feel the need. She cried but then calmed down when I held her, the same as when she wakes up to be fed, etc, etc.

I said that I didn't want to be one of those mothers who is at the doctor's rooms every day for the silliest things. She said that was fine because the couch was low and she fell on blankets, etc.

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November 16, 2009

Big girl panties

Normally I don't like driving if I don't know where I'm going .... especially when I know there are a gazillion roadworks.... and traffic standing still.... but I'm sucking it up and driving all the way to Broadacres for cheap baby vaccinations.

I've paid R1300 per baby for the first two sets; today I'll only pay R300 each.

Now we know what my big motivator is - SAVING MONEY :)

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November 09, 2009

Feeding pillow versatility

This feeding pillow has been WELL worth what I paid for it.

As you can see, both babies use it in different ways.

Connor uses it as an armchair when he watches TV next to Daddy.....

and Kendra uses it as a prop to model :)

November 03, 2009

They're 17 weeks today!

They've now had three vaccinations; one more to go until 9 months!

poor Connor thinking about what's to come...

Well, it was horrible. Kendra's reaction this time was similar to last time (slightly more niggly but nothing major); Connor, on the other hand, was TRAUMATISED. He was quiet and out of it for a few hours but at 4pm exactly, he started screaming (and he's not a screamer) non-stop for hours and hours on end. Poor baby.


Connor - does it bother anyone else that his vest is up around his armpits? I am trying very hard not to be a control freak so I don't boss the nanny's every move but oy!

that's how they numb their thighs for the jab

this was the calm before the storm...

And we have this same fun to look forward to in two weeks time!

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November 02, 2009

Playmats and play dates

Kendra was content to lay on the playmat first. Then again, she didn't have the patience to stay there for long periods like Connor has.

Here's Kendra - weeks and weeks ago... not really interested in looking at the balls, etc. but very interested in the frame!

Then David decided to visit Connor. The two of them had no idea of the other but the mums were excited. David is 17 days younger than the babies but he was born at 38 weeks so is way ahead of them.

In these three pics, the babies are 14 weeks old.

Our nanny trying a spot of match making with Kendra. David looks a bit scared :)

and here's where they realised what a rattle is for - making a noise!