October 10, 2009

Is this unique to my babies?

or do babies not like the heat?

I told them they're African kids and need to get used to the heat - maybe they're like me? I also don't enjoy extreme heat.

Connor slept for a grand total of 30 mins yesterday from 7am to 7pm - he just couldn't get comfortable.

The windows are open, they're in short-sleeved vests, so I believe they're cool enough...

Does anybody have any tips to get babies comfortable in the heat?

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Rachel said...

Some babies do have more problems with heat that others do. Yours were preemies and may still be having some problems regulating their own temperatures - common in babies under 3 months or under 12 lbs.

Since we spend a great deal of our year in the humid heat, I do know of some ways to make babies more comfy.

1. Make sure they are wearing hemp or cotton - nothing senthetic - as this allows their skin to breathe the best.

2. Run a fan or fans in their room - you don't want the air to hit them, but to circulate the air above them or below them.

3. Wipe them down with a wet cloth ever so often, especially just before a nap. Arms, legs, neck, and chest seem to do the most good. .... On really hot days, I've been known to just lay a wet rag across their bare back as they sleep.

4. Ice pack at their feet. Sounds funny. But I accidently discovered with Vannan that this works. Kendra bumped her head and later dropped the ice pack on the bed at Vannan's feet when she was watching Vannan. Vannan would stretch out and put her feet on the ice pack and then pull them back after a while. This works better if baby is awake ... Joel didn't like this though.

Vannan and Joel were both summer babies. Kendra was already 4 months old when we got to summer, so she did much better. Vannan was born in Colorado Springs - no AC and a dry heat. She was very miserable. Might have been part of her extreme crying? Joel was born in HOT HUMID Texas. He's such a happy kid though - and I tried to nap him next door where the AC worked better.

Lizelle said...

Hi - a fan in the room worked for us as well (just to circulate the air, not on them!)