October 07, 2009

The babies - prem medical updates

They're 3 months old today!

The babies went to see the opthalmologist yesterday - 3rd time overall - and he pronounced their eyes perfect.

So they don't need to go back EVER!

This is so exciting - one less medical expense :)

We also saved one set of consultation fees at the audiologist as we booked their first two appointments together. Thank goodness both ears on both babies are perfect, including the nerves from the ears to the brain, so they have just one more appointment in January next year, a 6-month check-up, and then that's also DONE!


The mornings look like this at our house - it's one of the only times they are both equally awake and wanting attention, so this is how I do it...

and this is how Mabel (the night nanny we have twice a week) does it


Diane said...

Awesome news glad they are so healthy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news about the doctor visits - the photos are the sweetest! Happy 1/4 year birthday to the twins :)

Michelle in Germany

Joanne said...

Wow thats amazing! I take my hat off to you, juggling two little ones! I am having a rough time with just one!

Tishia said...

That's great that they don't have to go back to the ophthalmologist! Love the pics you shared. I still can't wrap my brain around what it must be like to have twins! lol

muh umar said...

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