October 23, 2009

Their first ride in the pram

I waited until they were 11 weeks old before buying their pram - the Graco DuoRider for those who are interested.

We then waited another 12 days before taking them out, on a lovely crisp Sunday afternoon.

They're wearing their Baby Naartjie beanies which I love!



October 19, 2009

More Kendra cuteness

Kendra likes lots of kisses and cuddles so while changing her clothes or feeding her, there are lots of these moments...

Moments like this are rare.... so when she sleeps like this, we don't touch her!

This is her praying. When she does this with her hands, I tell her, "that's it, baby, pray and ask God to give your parents wisdom on how to deal with you" :)

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October 17, 2009

Connor's thriving!

When I first heard the doctor say the babies were thriving, I thought, "how nice of him to say that!"

Turns out it is actually a proper term these medical people use to describe babies who are doing well.

So here is my thriving Connor.

10 weeks - not a fan of bathing

11 weeks - protecting his modesty :)

he hates having his photo taken

so I have to catch him while asleep - look at his cute mouth

loves sitting in the feeding pillow -
very cute when he sits next to Dion and they watch TV together

12 weeks
in the morning when I get the babies from Mabel (night nanny), Connor's wrapped up like this :)

*sigh* "will you please stop with that camera?!"
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October 12, 2009

What's wrong with these pics?

That's right - Connor has a PINK blanket! And if you see their cupboard, it has a clear GIRL pile and BOY pile of blankets. No surprise to you if you know me in real life :)

Somehow this is not priority for the nanny as I often find this going on and it drives me batty. At least she doesn't dress him in pink!

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October 10, 2009

Is this unique to my babies?

or do babies not like the heat?

I told them they're African kids and need to get used to the heat - maybe they're like me? I also don't enjoy extreme heat.

Connor slept for a grand total of 30 mins yesterday from 7am to 7pm - he just couldn't get comfortable.

The windows are open, they're in short-sleeved vests, so I believe they're cool enough...

Does anybody have any tips to get babies comfortable in the heat?

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October 07, 2009

The babies - prem medical updates

They're 3 months old today!

The babies went to see the opthalmologist yesterday - 3rd time overall - and he pronounced their eyes perfect.

So they don't need to go back EVER!

This is so exciting - one less medical expense :)

We also saved one set of consultation fees at the audiologist as we booked their first two appointments together. Thank goodness both ears on both babies are perfect, including the nerves from the ears to the brain, so they have just one more appointment in January next year, a 6-month check-up, and then that's also DONE!


The mornings look like this at our house - it's one of the only times they are both equally awake and wanting attention, so this is how I do it...

and this is how Mabel (the night nanny we have twice a week) does it

October 06, 2009

Cute feet

When I went to check on Kendra, look what I found...

I don't actually leave my children half-dressed. She was wearing leggings when I put her down to sleep but she wiggled out of them :)
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