September 02, 2009

Today is their due date and they're 8 weeks old

At first with all the photos I'd look for ones where Kendra was not crying. Since those are virtually impossible to find, I've now accepted that she will have LOTS of pics looking like this.

The babies were 8 weeks old yesterday - amazing. On the one hand it feels like time's just flown and then again, those nights are so, so long...

We have a night nanny on Mondays and Thursdays. One of her jobs is to give them a bath before bedtime. I don't think she could find the normal babygrows so she dressed Kendra in cute clothes. This is also the one she came home from the hospital in.
She was still totally sleepy but sleepy or not, the attitude is all there - "back off lady, get that camera away from me" :)

And then later that day once she'd been changed, we decided to put them together. They are NOT into one another at all as you can see.

Connor is totally not bothered and Kendra didn't like posing with her brother either.

She gets more upset - see how red her face is getting. Connor still unimpressed - "as long as I have my dummy, I'm a happy camper"

We did manage to get one peaceful-looking shot later in the evening and of course, we treasure these moments where she's looking like an angel. Don't be fooled.

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annie said...

They are so sweet! How much do they weigh now?

Marcia Francois said...

This morning (Saturday) I weighed them and Kendra is 3.1 and Connor 3.9 kg (I deduct 100g for the clothes) so in essence, 3 and 3.8. No wonder my arms are so sore when I hold him

Tishia said...

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing more pictures :-)