September 24, 2009

The eye doctor

I'm learning so much about premature babies.

When Connor was discharged the paediatrician told me to make an appt for him with the opthalmologist.

Which I eventually did.

Those appts are horrible. We went in an hour before our appointment time to have his pupils dilated. When the doctor eventually saw him, he used a speculum (otherwise called metal instrument of torture) to pry Connor's eyelids open. The poor baby was understandably distraught.

Kendra's initial eye check was done while she was still in the NICU so I didn't have to witness the torture.

Everything was okay at that point but he wanted to see both of them a few weeks later.

So this time I was clever and took Chelesile, our nanny, with me. The dilation took even longer than before (this time 2 hours and 15 minutes) so I took some pics while we were waiting.

Connor asleep on Chelesile's lap
"don't bother me"

Kendra, still for once

Kendra in my arms just after finishing her bottle
This time I was prepared so I asked him exactly what was he looking for. Apparently there are membranes and blood vessels in the eye that develop right up until birth. When babies are born early, those things don't always continue to develop properly and in some cases, can actually burst because the eye is working now that the baby's born.


So we're checking to see that everything is normal (as at their 40 weeks gestation everything was fine).

We now have one more appointment with him in about 3 weeks time. I can't wait for this to be over - he checks their eyes for less than 5 minutes and charges us R398 per baby!

This guy only works in the afternoons from 3pm (lovely job, isn't it?) and I swear he sees about 10 people in 15 - 20 minutes. Trust me, I was counting... R400, R800, R1200, etc. :)

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September 21, 2009

The many faces of Connor

You can see he's not the happiest of campers when I start snapping away :)

September 17, 2009

Sweet Kendra

this pink top says "friendly bunny" :)

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September 13, 2009

How do you handle two babies at once?

This is a question I get from a lot of people and the truth is, I try not to :)

I was under no illusions when I found out they were twins and knew I'd need lots of help.

So we have a day nanny Monday - Thursday from 8am to 5pm (she started on 1 Sept), and a night nanny twice a week from 7pm to 7am. Last week we transitioned to the day nanny working Friday nights for us, also from 7 to 7.

Yes, it is a lot of money (the night nanny was totally unbudgeted but we found out very quickly that we need our sleep to function) but hopefully they'll start sleeping for longer soon and she won't be needed any longer.

On Friday we went for their 8-week check-up (at 9 weeks because their paed was on holiday) and after Dion dropped us back at home, this is more or less what it looked like the whole day.

My left arm is under Connor, supporting Kendra's back while I try burp her
and simultaneously hold the bottle for Connor

Kendra drinks her bottle in fits and starts - needs about 3 burps along the way. Here we are with her drinking again. You'll see Connor hasn't changed position (thank God for one "chilled" baby) but my right hand is now holding Kendra's bottle

Pics taken by D just before he dashed off to work.

The babies' stats
Weight 4.08 kg
Height 57 cm
Head circumference 38cm

Weight 3.14 kg
Height 50 cm
Head circumference 37cm

They're now on new formula - Kendra on Nan lactose-free because we want to see if it's the milk causing the screaming - and Connor on Nan lactogen "for the hungry baby" since he is easily polishing off 8 X 100 ml feeds, enough for a 5.3 kg baby!

Apparently the lactogen will keep him full for longer, which means he should sleep better! They started the new formula on Sat at 8am and last night woke every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Hmmm...

However, Connor's just slept for 5 hours so maybe this is it?
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Random baby pics from my phone

Connor loves to stretch out on the changing table.
He's much bigger now - those babygrows don't fit anymore
21 Aug

One of my favourites of my two men
24 July - the day after Connor was discharged

29 August - look at the start of Kendra's double chin :) and the cheeks
- she's fattening up nicely

15 Aug - we're propping Connor up in the feeding pillow

10 August - I'd just bought The Sling Thing and I was testing it out

16 Aug - Connor fast asleep on my chest

September 02, 2009

Today is their due date and they're 8 weeks old

At first with all the photos I'd look for ones where Kendra was not crying. Since those are virtually impossible to find, I've now accepted that she will have LOTS of pics looking like this.

The babies were 8 weeks old yesterday - amazing. On the one hand it feels like time's just flown and then again, those nights are so, so long...

We have a night nanny on Mondays and Thursdays. One of her jobs is to give them a bath before bedtime. I don't think she could find the normal babygrows so she dressed Kendra in cute clothes. This is also the one she came home from the hospital in.
She was still totally sleepy but sleepy or not, the attitude is all there - "back off lady, get that camera away from me" :)

And then later that day once she'd been changed, we decided to put them together. They are NOT into one another at all as you can see.

Connor is totally not bothered and Kendra didn't like posing with her brother either.

She gets more upset - see how red her face is getting. Connor still unimpressed - "as long as I have my dummy, I'm a happy camper"

We did manage to get one peaceful-looking shot later in the evening and of course, we treasure these moments where she's looking like an angel. Don't be fooled.

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