August 21, 2009

They're 6 weeks old

Well, the babies are 6 weeks old.

Which means Connor's been home for 4 weeks and Kendra 2 weeks.

Kendra went for her check-up last week and weighed 2,23 kg - it was only an "acceptable" weight gain so we upped her feeds a bit and this week, her weight gain was "good" as she now weighs exactly2,5 kg . The new weight enabled her to be immunized. She screamed so loud the sound echoed all round Bedford Gardens hospital and surrounding areas. If you were in the vicinity, you probably heard her :)

Connor was immunized two weeks ago when he was 2,57 kg. I weighed him today (both of us on the scale, then only me.... so not very scientific) and he weighed 3,4 kg. Take off the heavy nappy and clothes and a more accurate number is probably 3,2 kg.

So they're growing nicely but are still considered prem.

Guess who this is?
Kendra, of course - the only pic I could get of her and such a familiar sight :)

And this is Connor

  • The first nappy I ever changed in my life was Kendra's and then Connor's. Since then, I feel like I've changed millions. On the bright side, I am now a pro. I think nothing of grabbing the baby and lifting its bum to sniff if there's a poo.
  • Connor has tried his best to aim his pee at me but I'm too fast for him :) He nearly got me today but my super fast reflexes beat him to it. That's a joke - I have the worst reflexes ever.
  • Another thing I am a pro at is the bottle thing. I (kind of) joked with D and said my life consists of bottles, babygrows and babies (maybe I should start a new blog?). I wash, sterilise and make 16 bottles a day, sometimes more, because when Kendra cries, I give her a bottle whether it's her time to feed or not. We checked with the paediatrician to see if you can overfeed a baby and she said no, the baby will vomit what she doesn't want/ need. post signature


Diane said...

Oh Marcia they are both so precious!
Isnt it amazing how much we get all caught up with all the baby stuff that needs to be done when we have babies. It always amazes me!!!!!!!

Nat said...

That made me laugh - I can just imagine you plugging K's screaming head with a bottle every time she opens it to whine and then having to ask if you could possibly be over-feeding!! He he. Connor and David are almost the same weight. He looks like his cheeks are filling out now.

Tishia said...

Oh my goodness I'm so far behind on blog reading that I didn't even know you had the babies. Congrats! They are adorable.

I remember lifting my son and sniffing his rump to see if he pooped. LOL

I'm glad to hear that you are too fast for Connor to pee on kiddo had perfect aim or something way back then cause I always got hit!

Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics of the babies :-)