August 11, 2009

Kendra comes home after 27 days in NICU

Kendra reached the goal I set her (by 3 days) which was to come home before my birthday (yesterday).

Incidentally, Connor came home 4 days before his goal of coming home before Dion's birthday :)

Last week we knew Kendra was about ready to come home because they'd moved her to a bassinet (which means she was regulating her temperature) and she was feeding from the bottle on almost all the feeds.

She still had the feeding tube though.

So when the feeding tube came out she would have needed to finish her complete feeds from the bottle for an entire day.

I got a call from the paed on Friday telling me her haemoglobin levels were a bit low and they wanted to do a blood transfusion if that was okay with us (of course it's okay). They went ahead and everything was well so she was "nice and pink" again on Saturday.

Then came the snotty nose.

She'd needed to be suctioned (gross!) before each feed because her nostrils were so blocked and we had atrocious weather on the weekend so they wanted to keep her in until her nose was better.

That happened to be Monday and is when she was finally discharged.

we'd just arrived home

displaying some awesome lung capacity - my word, this girl can SCREAM!


Kim Eagles said...

Oh Marcia she is beautiful, so glad to hear she is doing well and is home.

Nat said...

beautiful cherub...

Naasirah said...

Hi Marcia & Dion, Glad to hear the kids are well & at home.From ur Cuz,Naasirah Ortell,PE

Michelle said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

bbodenstein said...

I'm so glad they're both home with you now! They're absolutely gorgeous (and you look great).