August 05, 2009

Connor having a bath

The nice thing about having only one baby at home is that one of us was free to take pictures while the other held the baby.
Connor is not a fan of getting cold so we have to be VERY quick when we give him a bath. On this particular day, Dion just snapped away while I bathed and changed him and these were some of my favourite shots.
look at how he just watches me
giving me the "evil eye" :)

and now for my absolute favourites...

don't these three look like he's doing karate?!


those creasy little legs have now filled out - he has fattened up very nicely in the last two weeks.


Diane said...

Marcia how cute. He has really grown and is filling out you can really tell in these pics. He looks so healthy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Nat said...

Oh... love him. I can't help but feel so desperate for the fragility of these little one's. I know so well the chicken leg look! Check the toes out in the last pic!! Nunu.

Michelle said...

So precious. :)