July 02, 2009

Which colour makes you feel happy?

yellow does it for me

These pics were taken at a baby shower I attended.

Is this lemon meringue pie not BEAUTIFUL?! Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but was delicious too :)

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Rachel said...

Yellow and Green - I LOVE daffodiles, sunflowers, yellow roses... I'd paint my whole house yellows and greens if I could.

The MeFest Team said...

Purple is the colour that makes me happy. I painted my daughter's room that colour and when I go into that room I call it the happy room!!!!!!!!!

N said...

I'm so pleased I came to look at your site... and what a pleasant surprise :-)
When I was a little girl yellow was always in my life. I was the yellow sunflower in a dress up at playschool (I actually cried coz I wanted to be a red flower) Keith used to call me 'his sunflower'!
My Mom and sister who did the shower said it was very hard to get yellow things for b showers as it is either pink or blue!
(PS. I'm not sure you can see the time I post this... I just can't sleep!)