July 29, 2009

3 weeks - 1 out, 1 to go

The babies were three weeks yesterday - time is going oh so fast!

C doing his traffic cop impression :)

Well, dear friends, this has been an eventful week.

The babies get weighed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning so on Wednesday morning, I phoned to get an update and the nurse said that Connor was ready to be discharged the following day (Thursday).

We were shocked because we knew he wasn't at 2kg yet (he was 1,93kg). It seems like a small difference but since babies pick up around 20g a day, it would have been days until he reached 2kg. Everything else was well with him - maintaining his temperature, sucking well, etc.

Anyway, we were told we needed to come in and learn how to bath him that evening and then I raced off to the shops to buy formula, more nappies, etc, etc.

The bathing went well and eventually Thursday rolled round. They called us at about 12 to come collect him where we got a list of instructions and then we were finally allowed to take our son home.

I don't have a pic of his outfit because my gorgeous pink camera fell on the floor in ICU and now needs repairs.

What a difference a week makes!

D feeding C by tube on 17th

D & Connor sleeping in bed on 24th

The first night was, um, interesting because we were both scared he'd stop breathing so kept getting up to check on him. Also the house is literally freezing cold.

After that we brought him into our own bed and all 3 of us have slept very well since then.

K on Sunday 26th

Poor Kendra seems to be blissfully unaware that she needs to be home with us - she is doing her growing at her own pace.

When C first came home, Dion and I did separate trips to the NICU to visit K.

Then he got the flu so I've been the only parent visiting her. Hectic! Although he instructs me to tell her he loves her and to take pics every evening (either with my phone or my horrible old camera).

K on Tues 28th - 3 weeks old!
Look at the cheeks - she's getting fatter

Kendra's weight today is 1,81 kg so she is doing brilliantly. They've moved her to a normal bassinet as she is also maintaining her body temperature.

So if she finishes her whole bottle all the time she can come home. That will probably happen within the next week.

I'd given her a goal to be home before my birthday (next Thurs) so she's being a very good girl and following in her mother's footsteps.

K tonight (would have been 35 weeks pregnant today)

And to end off this post, this is the first batch of photos of them together - Sun 19th - they both look like they couldn't care less about the other.

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Diane said...

Oh Marcia you have two beautiful babies!!!!!!!!!!! That is wonderful news that Connor is now home and doing great. Kendra will be home soon too how great. I love the pics thanks for sharing.
I will keep you and your babies in my prayers!!!!!!!!!
Take Care

annie said...

Your life will never be the same! Congratulations on one home! Such happy news.

Rachel said...

Has Kendra gotten to come home yet?

We always slept with our kids - it made night times so much easier and we all got a lot more sleep.

Love seeing the pictures.

Suzanne said...

Marcia!!! They are beyond precious!
Congratulations to the proud mommy and daddy.