June 16, 2009

Small things like self-care make all the difference

28 weeks pregnant

Due to the growing bump, I haven't been able to reach down to touch my toes or even easily cross my one leg over my other.

So a few weeks ago I removed my nail polish on my toes and resigned myself to boring toe nails for the rest of this pregnancy.

Well, a strange thing happened - I started resting more (as per the doctor's orders "Marcia, we want to keep those babies in there as long as possible") and amazingly enough, instead of feeling more like a granny, I feel much more flexible.

After a day or two, I noticed I could pick up things from the floor much easier than before so I decided to paint those toe nails a lovely, bright red.

And do you know how cheered up I am? Every time I'm in the shower or getting dressed and I see those lovely, bright nails, I smile :)

Which just goes to show, small things make a big difference.

Now what can you do to cheer yourself up?

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Diane said...

Marcia funny you posted that reminded me of my pregnancy. I thought I cant wear stylish clothes so the in thing then was dark purple nail polish so I painted my toes. I knew I couldnt have my fingers painted but nobody said anything about toes. It made me smile too! From time to time I now paint my toes purple and it brings back to that happy place.
You look great by the way !!!!!!!!!!

Marcia Francois said...

Diane, LOL

I went through a stage about 10 years ago where I LOVED purple nail polish and would wear it on finger and toe nails. Fun times!

Thanks for your kind words! I feel gigantic and there are still 7 weeks to go!

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Look at how cute you look! Just seeing you makes me smile! I hope you have been doing well. You would be very proud of me... been busy, working, writing (not blogging as much) but making the world a better place! :)

Your belly looks fantastic!