June 16, 2009

Small things like self-care make all the difference

28 weeks pregnant

Due to the growing bump, I haven't been able to reach down to touch my toes or even easily cross my one leg over my other.

So a few weeks ago I removed my nail polish on my toes and resigned myself to boring toe nails for the rest of this pregnancy.

Well, a strange thing happened - I started resting more (as per the doctor's orders "Marcia, we want to keep those babies in there as long as possible") and amazingly enough, instead of feeling more like a granny, I feel much more flexible.

After a day or two, I noticed I could pick up things from the floor much easier than before so I decided to paint those toe nails a lovely, bright red.

And do you know how cheered up I am? Every time I'm in the shower or getting dressed and I see those lovely, bright nails, I smile :)

Which just goes to show, small things make a big difference.

Now what can you do to cheer yourself up?

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June 04, 2009

Do you have an open door to your dreams?

I've blogged before about my love of doors.

These pics were taken on this recent trip to Dublin, Ireland.

I want to get something out there - with the whole pregnancy thing, I've been thinking more about what I want my life to look like, especially after the babies are here.

At the moment I couldn't stop my full-time job because the uncertainty about money would stress me out way too much which is not good for me or the babies.

But then I thought, "what about going part-time at work?" which is a lovely compromise to the security and freedom thing.

So I made some enquiries, got a huge shock at how my salary would drop but then calmed down and started working the numbers.

I started asking, how can I make this work?

And the quickest way is for me to get more 1:1 coaching clients. I have to sell a WHOLE lot of ebooks or product for what one coaching client pays me, so it's a time saver too.

My clients are all wonderful people because I've identified my ideal client and they energise me, rather than drain me.

I wrote this down on my big, juicy goals list and began setting an increasing income goal that is actually double what I need to have (there's that security thing again) by the end of the year when my maternity benefits run out and I need to return to work.

And you know what?

I've reached it all but one month this year. Two of the months before and after that month were super-fantastic though where I exceeded the goal by FAR!

So it looks like I opened the door to my dream by setting the intention and am getting there without too much hassle.

Do you have an open door to your dreams?

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