May 22, 2009

My pregnancy update at 25 weeks

For those of you who are interested, here we go with a pregnancy update.

  • We're having twins - a boy and a girl - and because they're twins, the average gestation period according to my doctor (so this could be a South African thing) is 36 weeks 3 days.
  • Which puts my due date at around 5 August (my birthday's on the 6th so this will be a lovely birthday present for me) if we get there.
  • The doc has said that our goal is to get to 36 weeks. I'm good with a goal :) and hopefully the babies are too!
  • I'm still going to Preggi Bellies but must confess I hadn't been for 4 weeks but have just gone back because apparently exercise is the best cure for fatigue. Sounds crazy to me, but I'm not the expert.
  • I have only put on 8kg which puts me almost exactly on track for a single pregnancy, let alone a twin one. Clearly it's all in the belly.
  • Last week at our 24-week ultrasound scan, the babies weighed 647g and 649g. They are both perfect!
  • The babies' room is progressing very, very slowly but we have now ordered the cots so we're getting there.

And here are the pics!
20 weeks

22 weeks 1 day - Wicklow, Ireland

24 weeks

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I'll update the post. Someone asked if I minded sharing - the answer's definitely not! I just forget that other people may be interested in hearing these details.

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Marci @OvercomingBusy said...

Sounds like you are having a great pregnancy. Lets pray this continues. What a blessing!

HDMac said...

I am just so excited for you and am so happy to hear the update. See, we DO want to hear about you! :) :)

Suzanne said...

A boy and a girl?! How EXCITING!!!! Marcia, I am beyond happy for you and Dion. I will keep you all in my prayers, little lady! he he he

Laura said...

You are beautiful! So exciting for you to be having one of each, yay!!

Suzanne T said...

Marcia, I am so excited for you. Do you have other children? We are expecting our first grandchild in August. We have been getting things ready too. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I will keep checking back to see how things are going. Congratulations!

se7en said...

Oh I love reading abut your babies!!! I hate to tell you the only thing that cures the fatigue of pregnancy is actually having them!!! That being said... one pregnancy I didn't exercise I was so tired and boy did I feel dreadful... exercise really helps you feel human and naps have to carry the fatigue! Right now I am dragging myself to gym three times a week in order to combat something - I am not sure what! If they provided duvet's I would sleep in a locker, hmmm wouldn't fit... sleep in the shower sounds good - even if the water's running!

Rivca Swinson said...

Wow what an introduction to being parents! A boy and a girl is amazing. I hope that the rest of the pregnancy goes well and that you and the babies remain healthy.

I am 11 weeks pregnant now and feeling very rough. Sickness all day and vomiting at night! i keep reminding my self that there is a good reason for this! We are very excited but have not told Riley yet.

Anyway all the best....good luck!

Keep well.


Marcia Francois said...

Thanks so much, everybody.

Se7en, oh, that sounds so good – just the thought of sleep! I’m resting as much as I can as my body needs it and have totally given up the ideas of Super Woman.

Suzanne T No, we don't have other kids - these are our first and probably the only children we'll have.

Rivca!!! Congrats to you and Darren. I am SOOOOO excited by your news. I've been so blessed to have absolutely no morning sickness. Of course, would have loved some symptoms because that would have reassured me that all was well, but that's just crazy me. Only 1 week left til you start feeling better...

annie said...

I was just coming by to ask if they were girls/boys. How are you decorating the nursery?

Marcia Francois said...

We’re going for a stone and lime-green look so it’s not too girly or too boyish.

Hopefully it will also last a couple of years past babyhood!

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

I love to see the belly grow. I am so happy for you and your family! Names for the babies yet??

Marcia Francois said...

Megan, we’re throwing around a couple...but we’ve decided to not tell anyone (not even family) until they’re born. I know of too many instances where people do that “oh, I knew a ______ and he was a horrible boy” or “my cousin’s name is _________ and she’s such a terrible person” and I don't want that for our babies.

Somehow people are less inclined to do this once you've actually named them!

Amanda Leckie said...

Hey Marcia
Still can't belive you are having twins, that is so awesome.
Very happy for you, can't believe you have only put on 8kgs. Cant wait to see them. Do you have twins in your family.
Love Amanda

Connie said...


I have fraternal male twins who just turned 10. It's the best and hardest thing you will ever do!

Eat lots of protein and stay hydrated. I had my boys vaginally at 37 weeks, they weighed 6, 14 and 7, 4.

Being a Mother of Twins rocks!

Tishia said...

Love the pics. Thanks for sharing them. What a great birthday present that would be for you if you had them on your bday!

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