May 24, 2009

Apparently I'm obessed with food.

When we got back from Ireland, my mother in law came over for tea to hear all about the trip.

Well, about half way through I realised that we hadn't stopped talking about food the entire time.

Which is not surprising because we are food people. Not snobby food people, but we do like our food.

Anyway, getting back to the point.

Kristin commented on my travelling light post and I went over to say "hi" to her too. She wrote about how surprised she was (on her holiday to Ireland) to find them putting a fried egg on the burger.

Is this not normal?

Don't people do this around the world?

Apparently not.

In South Africa you can get an egg burger which is a hamburger with (you guessed it) a fried egg on top of it. And it is yummy! Especially with the soft yolk...

The weirdest burger I've ever had was in Australia where they put slices of beetroot on their burgers. Beetroot on foods is an Ozzie thing because that burger (at McD) was called a McOz :)

What's the weirdest burger you've ever had?

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