May 26, 2009

Do you ever cheat on your hairdresser?

I have a confession to make.

Not only do I have 3 desks, but I also have 3 hairdressers. It's a long story but first let me show you the hair saga :)

My hair in its natural (very curly) state looks like this...

and I want it to look like this...

Hairdresser 1 is actually my favourite but she's a lot more expensive so I only go to her to have a wash and blow dry. Also, she really chalks up the points in my book because she works quickly (and beautifully) so I need exactly 30 minutes, and you know how I am about wasting time...

Hairdresser 2 is actually Dion's ex-hairdresser. She is the cheapest of the lot and I get my hair coloured (well, I get the grey covered) with her. The problem is she takes forever and our appointments take at least 2 hours every time, and I don't always have the time.

The reason Dion stopped going is because she keeps you waiting even if you have an appointment and he has very little patience. And you thought I was bad! :)

Hairdresser 3 is Dion's current hairdresser. Very similar in style to hairdresser 1, she is extremely punctual. Sees you at exactly your appointment time and you're out promptly too. I go to her if I need my hair trimmed because she does EXACTLY what I want, which is to neaten it up but not take any of the length away.

Of course, having 3 hairdressers means you have to organise your hair visits really carefully.

Hairdresser 1 works at a salon about 2 minutes' drive from my house. Early in the pregnancy, when I was severely fatigued, I'd literally be in the shower and feel like my arms wouldn't even hold up to let me finish washing my hair. So I'd get out, phone her and pop right over for her to wash and blow it dry.

Which is great but has made me very lazy - I looked at the shampoo and conditioner in the shower this morning and realised I probably haven't even washed my own hair for at least a month, if not 6 weeks!

But enough about me - how many hairdressers do you have?

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May 24, 2009

Apparently I'm obessed with food.

When we got back from Ireland, my mother in law came over for tea to hear all about the trip.

Well, about half way through I realised that we hadn't stopped talking about food the entire time.

Which is not surprising because we are food people. Not snobby food people, but we do like our food.

Anyway, getting back to the point.

Kristin commented on my travelling light post and I went over to say "hi" to her too. She wrote about how surprised she was (on her holiday to Ireland) to find them putting a fried egg on the burger.

Is this not normal?

Don't people do this around the world?

Apparently not.

In South Africa you can get an egg burger which is a hamburger with (you guessed it) a fried egg on top of it. And it is yummy! Especially with the soft yolk...

The weirdest burger I've ever had was in Australia where they put slices of beetroot on their burgers. Beetroot on foods is an Ozzie thing because that burger (at McD) was called a McOz :)

What's the weirdest burger you've ever had?

May 22, 2009

My pregnancy update at 25 weeks

For those of you who are interested, here we go with a pregnancy update.

  • We're having twins - a boy and a girl - and because they're twins, the average gestation period according to my doctor (so this could be a South African thing) is 36 weeks 3 days.
  • Which puts my due date at around 5 August (my birthday's on the 6th so this will be a lovely birthday present for me) if we get there.
  • The doc has said that our goal is to get to 36 weeks. I'm good with a goal :) and hopefully the babies are too!
  • I'm still going to Preggi Bellies but must confess I hadn't been for 4 weeks but have just gone back because apparently exercise is the best cure for fatigue. Sounds crazy to me, but I'm not the expert.
  • I have only put on 8kg which puts me almost exactly on track for a single pregnancy, let alone a twin one. Clearly it's all in the belly.
  • Last week at our 24-week ultrasound scan, the babies weighed 647g and 649g. They are both perfect!
  • The babies' room is progressing very, very slowly but we have now ordered the cots so we're getting there.

And here are the pics!
20 weeks

22 weeks 1 day - Wicklow, Ireland

24 weeks

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I'll update the post. Someone asked if I minded sharing - the answer's definitely not! I just forget that other people may be interested in hearing these details.

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May 11, 2009

Tea and scones in Dublin

doing one of my favourite things in the world - eating tea and scones, and talking!

lovely, cold weather - notice the belly!

that's the Spire at Henry Street in the background

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