April 17, 2009

There's no sign of autumn in Johannesburg

We've had unseasonably warm weather in Johannesburg, so much so that I'm still wearing short-sleeved T-shirts in APRIL!

This is unheard of - I usually have my winter clothes well worn-in by now and my electric blanket on every night.

My love of winter is very well-known but this weather's been very pleasant so I'm actually enjoying it.

This afternoon after arriving home from work I couldn't help going into the street to take a few pictures.

Our neighbour opposite's beautiful Bougainvillea. At our previous house our entire driveway was framed with this stuff - gorgeous! but a huge schlep when those beautiful pink flowers fall on the driveway and have to be constantly swept up (as you know I hate a mess).

looking down the street

and up the street

And then I had to stop because the security guard was giving me funny looks.

Is it really that weird to take pics of the blue skies and the light?!

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Keowdie said...

I know why you haven't had any cold weather. It's been stuck here in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). Our spring has been unseasonably COLD (argh!). It finally warmed up today, so maybe all the cold air is on its way to you!

Laura said...

Security guard!!?? Holy smokes why do you have a security guard on your street?

Marcia Francois said...

KeowdieHi and thanks for commenting.

You are VERY welcome to send over the cold weather – I am ready for it.

Although I’ve been using the warmth to wash all the curtains in the house, clean windows, that sort of thing. Of course, not me exactly because I’m a master of delegating, but my cleaning lady gets the curtains down, I throw them in the washing machine and she irons and rehangs them LOL

LauraI'll have to write a separate blog post - i keep forgetting that people who don't live here don't know what it's like LOL

Rachel said...

A few weeks ago, I was wondering if summer was ever going to actually come to Texas, it's unreal to be shivering and wearing jackets in late April!

But it's here. So has the cold crossed the equator and stimulated some autumn weather for you?

I am so not looking forward to being pregnant all summer. LOL