April 23, 2009

Oh, so because the Mozambique thing didn't work out...

Dublin, Ireland

We decided to go to Dublin, Ireland.

Yes, I’m crazy! Although...tell me if you don’t think this is inspired...

Our friend whom we stayed with in Ireland last year emailed me and said something along the lines of...

“Why don’t you guys come over for a last pre-babies holiday? We can go to restaurants, hang out around here and just relax?”

I replied back and said something like, “you are CRAZY lol” but when I got home, I mentioned it to Dion and suddenly we both went quiet, looked at each other and said, “you know, that’s really not a bad idea...but NO, we need to be responsible”

Well, the next morning, I decided to check flights on http://flightcentre.co.za and saw that there were specials on Etihad Airlines flying from Jhb to Dublin.

I phoned up our travel agent and while we had to pay a bit more for the Abu Dabi – Dublin leg of the journey, it was still VERY reasonable.

So then I phoned Dion who does NOT like sudden decisions (something I excel at J) and after checking our finances, told me to check with the doctor.

I emailed the doc who got back to me the next day and told me IF I wear orthopaedic stockings (to prevent varicose veins) and walk up and down during the flights, THEN it would be okay.

I checked with our friend again if he was serious and sure he wanted us there …he was :)

And that was all I needed to properly book and pay for the flights.

I’ve already reserved window and aisle seats on all four legs of the flight with a customer service rep from Etihad Airlines called Justin who was OUTSTANDING on the telephone.

So we are flying out on the 26th April. Can’t WAIT!


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SunraySheryl said...

Marcia - how wonderful you are celebrating your 14th anniversary with a trip to Dublin AND are going to parents of twins!! Thanks for stopping by my new coaching blog to say hi - I am so excited to become the grandma of twins! (PS Gotta love those orthopaedic stockings :) )

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