April 06, 2009

16 weeks - this is my Preggi Belli gear

I am a lazy, lazy blogger!

So, baby updates. We had our 16-week scan and only one baby was prepared to show us the goods. So now we wait to see the other one's sex next week.

I actually feel sorry for the doctor having to deal with me.

I heard through the grapevine that my getting-me-pregnant doctor said to a friend of mine, "Marcia's the most organised patient I've ever had"

Oops! I think it's because I whip out my green notebook and start firing those questions at them :)

Anywayyyy, I asked the new guy about Mozambique and he was Not Keen.

Mozambique is malaria country and malaria attacks the placenta very quickly which is not good for babies.

So, while it would have been lovely to visit our friends Ali & Rico, it will just have to wait because I won't do anything to put the babies in danger.

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Anne Alagna said...

oh! Look at that baby belly! They must be growing rapidly... the last picture you posted, you didn't even show!

Keep up the good work, Momma! And keep those doctors on their toes!

Laura said...

Love it!

Tishia said...

You are so cute with that preggy belly! That's a bummer you can't go to visit your friends but definitely a wise decision to hold off.

Jennifer said...

Hey Girl! I haven't been by here in forever, and I come by and find out this fantastic news! Congratulations!!! Twins - how cool! (For you - I don't think I could handle it!!!) Hope it goes by quickly for you! Enjoy every second though, because trust me, even after you are holding your precious bundles, there will be parts of the pregnancy you will miss! Savor every second!

annie said...

I am so happy for you.