February 15, 2009

Foods I'm loving at the moment

  1. pineapple (I'm eating some as I type this)
  2. crisp, sour Granny Smith apples
  3. glasses of cold water with a wedge of lemon
  4. orange juice
  5. plain yoghurt, cold from the fridge
  6. Melrose cheese wedges
  7. salads

Can you tell it's summer here? ;)

Which foods are you enjoying eating?

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Anne Alagna said...

They all sound good to me except 3 and 5. I like my yogurt whipped and flavored and I like my water plain with ice.

It is winter here. I am enjoying soup, cookies, roast beef and gravy and my all time favorite: mashed potatos.

annie said...

How are you Marcia???

I don't like fruit you know... but right now I'm enjoying avocados (guacomole) and butter lettuce. My plan tonight is to make twice baked potatoes, grill some boneless pork chops and have a nice salad with it.