January 30, 2009

Open and closed doors - changing the direction of this blog

London Eye - looking out through the doors of the pod

I've been a little confused about where to take the direction of this blog.

It started out as a success or self-development kind of blog because I was doing general life coaching.

Then I started adding more of me to the mix with recipes, books I'd read and photography.

Then once I specialised in time management and organising for business owners, I started blogging more specifically on time and business, keeping the organising for the other blog.

Very confusing, all of this, especially when you just jump into things as I do.

Finally I've decided to keep this blog as a personal blog, so I'll still be blogging about food, my life, skies and other photography, etc, etc.

I've started blogging the business stuff on my new website at http://organiseyourbusiness.com so please keep reading there for advice and tips on time management, productivity and getting things done in your business.

Otherwise, come back tomorrow because I'm going to share how I, a South African, made American Southern Biscuits!

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