December 26, 2008

Only 6 days before I can FINALLY stop drooling and actually use this beauty

In exactly 6 days' time it will be 2009. Do you know what that means?

That's right - it's time for two of my favourite things - goals and planners :)

Have you been following the planning posts? No? Why not? LOL

You can either click the label "choose the perfect planner" or catch up here

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Today we're tying up the series with how I personalise my own diary/ planner/ agenda.

First I want to talk about why I need to personalise my diary.

I have never ever found a perfect diary. I have come really, really close but what I do is this:

I decide what my non-negotiables are and then I adapt the rest.

You need to also decide if you need lots of name and address pages? Or note paper at the back?

My advice to you is decide on your non-negotiables and make peace with the rest. But above all, make sure you love your planner (like I do) so that you want to use it.

Okay, let's get to the fun part.

Someone commented on one of the earlier posts that they like how grungy an old diary gets just before the new year. Mmmm, so do I! So here's a pic of my grungy (well-loved) diary.

Part 1
I have some typed pages I print out once a year and stick into my planner:
  • my goals for the year
  • personal information
  • important telephone numbers
  • reference numbers (insurance policies, account numbers with various institutions, etc)
  • birthday list
What happens when I have to add new numbers during the year?

I simply write them on the sheet. Yes, it looks a bit messy but messy is good :)

On the 2008 page, I only added 8 numbers. So for the 2009 page, I simply added some of those 8 and deleted the numbers I don't need, and I reprint.

I do this page in Excel and in the footer, I make a note of the date the page was updated. Very useful especially for changing insurance providers, etc.

Part 2
I paste the top of the birthday list on top of this page so I can flip the page up to see my other events.

Part 3
I paste an envelope on the last page like this so I can keep any business cards (before I enter them in Outlook) and other bits of paper. I also like keeping a couple of sheets of the big Post-It note pad (about 10) so I can make lists that won't get lost.

Oh, the page on the left is a write-up of my ideal coaching client to keep me focussed :)

That's it for me.

Do you personalise your planner? If so, how? Did you get any good ideas today?

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P.S. I've had some emails from people saying how they've enjoyed going through this process with me. Feel free to link to the posts from your blog - let's spread the happiness :)


Yvonne said...

I do the pocket in the first and last page of my old planner, too! I use the plastic pockets that comes with an adhesive back that I get from work.

The one in front, I had my list of phone numbers of my club members, papers that I needed when we went to different clubs and appointment cards.

In the back pocket I put coupons and lists (groceries, books to get, suppies needed, etc). Worked pretty good!

Tishia said...

Ok I'm TOTALLY drooling over this planner! Where did you find it?

Marcia Francois said...

Tishia, at our Exclusive Books in South Africa - unfortunately they don't post to anywhere outside South Africa.

I'd offer to get one for you but they're all sold out

Anonymous said...

The Joyce Meyer Diary is available from Joyce Meyer Ministries. Just go to her wesite and order. i love it too.

Cathy Goodwin said...

Funny you should write about enjoying your planner. I used one type for a long time, just changed...and can't wait to go back. When I liked my planner I looked for reasons to write in it!