December 03, 2008

It's that time of the year again...

It's time to choose the perfect planner...for YOU. This is part 1 in a series on choosing the right planner/ diary/ agenda/ whatever you like to call it ...for you.

I'll be honest with you - the MINUTE I saw mine, I bought it. So it's been patiently waiting for me about 2 months now.

This is the perfect planner for me - not because of its features but because I personalise my planner and make it EXACTLY how I like it. So many people (and I was one of them for many years) search high and low for the perfect planner. Well, it probably doesn't exist.

But before we get to my personalisation, let me talk some more about how to choose a planner.

Are you a paper or electronic gal?

Why do you need to know this?

If you don't, you might think you have to fall in love with a gadget like my organising buddy, Suzanne from Let's Talk Organizing. Thank goodness she's now embracing her paper side :)

Don't feel pressured to use an electronic diary just to keep up with your friends or what people think you should use if you're actually a paper gal.

I wish I'd had my camera at a meeting on Monday. Somebody asked a question and about half the people whipped out their fancy phones and started tapping away.

I love Outlook as much as the next person but I only use Outlook for time-based appointments like meetings and recurring appointments like gym (!).

I use a paper planner for the rest of my planning (about 95%). I like to physically write things down with a smooth-flowing gel pen and I love crossing things off and hearing that squish across the paper. Mmmm - lovely! It's very satisfying for me because I'm such a tangible person.

That's me. I embrace my paper-ness :)

Over to you. If you're a techno-savvy, electronic gal, use your gadgets happily. Please just remember to back up your data regularly.

Please share - are you a paper or electronic person?

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Ria's Collectables said...

I can not wait to read the next posts. Your e-cources are wonderful in helping to get to the orginized state of mind. I find myself going back often just to "calm the overwhelm"

Yvonne said...

For the past two years I had been using a 2year planner as my husband was Vice District Governor (now Governor) of our local service organization. I needed to keep track of appointments that was scheduled anywhere from a week to a year in advance and my meetings and commitments, too.

While it was helpful, it made a bulky purse so I recently was gifted an itouch (my son got an iphone, and he knew I'd like it) and I love it!

I have his and my appointments in it and notes for everything from books I want to contacts to games to books and music.

Tishia said...

I'm definitely a paper planner kind of gal. I have to have it in front of me on my desk in pencil or I feel...lost I guess is the word I'm looking for. It's like if I use something online and can't physically see it I freak out (did that make sense? LOL)

Teresa M said...


I am a bit of both paper and electronic.

I really enjoy doing my daily to do list on paper. I used to use a Franklin Covey planner but now I just use a simple spiral notebook and it works great. I like the physicality of placing a check mark next to completed tasks. And the paper gives me room to write other things during the day.
I have tried to use my tasks feature on my phone, but it just doesn't feel right to me for that purpose.

As far as appointments/schedule/calendar..that is either in Google Calendar or on my cell phone calendar. I am moving more and more of my contacts on to my phone.

Thanks Marcia for this post.


Joyce Aldawood said...

I am definitely a paper person. I thught I had found the perfect planner- an 8 x 11 leather bound "book" (I had a spiral and it just fell apart) which shows 7 days in vertical columns as you open the book.
BUT now that I see that yummy pink, rasberry & purple- I just want to see about ordering one for Jjanusz. I didn't think I had too many unmet "wants"- the picture above has created a big want!

Michelle Shaeffer said...

Definitely need a paper planner. I have my calendar in my ipod touch (and sync it with basecamp and ical) but for to do lists and basic organization I really prefer paper. I like that "swish" of crossing things off, too. I love to see a list of completed, crossed-off tasks.

Tonya said...

I'm a paper girl! I love how it starts out new and perfect and then my pages get all grungy and used up throughout the year. I like flipping through the pages to see events or tasks that I've done, giving me a sense of accomplishment.

Alyssa said...

I am totally a paper gal and enjoy the crossing off the list too.