December 09, 2008

How big should your planner be?

Last time we discussed whether you’re a paper or an electronic gal.

This time let’s discuss size.

There are two parts to the size issue:

1. Planner size

Your planner has to be portable if you're going to use it most effectively.

Decide on a comfortable size…FOR YOU… and stick to that. We all have different tolerance levels so play around with what works for you.

If your planner is HUGE, no matter how cute and functional it is, you're not going to actually use it unless you have the muscles I wish I had!

I remember years ago I received a beautiful planner from a friend – leather bound, filofax-type thing. It had lots of cool sections for anything I could possibly want to organise and yet, it was just too big (nearly A4 size, which is the size of printer paper).

I think I used it for maybe two weeks max before I cracked. I just couldn’t lug that huge thing around.

This one fits into any of my gazillion handbags very easily because it is just smaller than A5 (half a printer page) but not as small as A6 (half of A5).

Size of lines (if the paper is lined)

I don’t have the biggest handwriting in the world but I do like the freedom of not having to squeeze my handwriting into tiny lines.

First of all, I don’t like to squint my eyes to read it, and secondly, I don’t want to have to focus attention on writing small – I just want to get it down on paper.

So don't make the mistake of getting a small size if you have medium - big handwriting.

I also write with medium point gel pens and those just look better when you don’t have to squish up your handwriting.

Are you getting clearer on your vision for the perfect planner (for you)?

What size suits you best, and tell me about the size of your handwriting. Surely I’m not the only fussy one with medium handwriting?

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Yvonne said...

The planner I used was 5 x 7 and a month at a glance set up. I prefer to see the entire month at a time (tried the weekly one and hated it) but the squares were so small, I couldn't always fit everthing into a square, so I just put the name of the event and then expanded it onto the side with place and time.

The only drawback was when I had to change the dates of the events. Somtimes my calendar looked like one big scrawl!

I probably would have kept this system if my son didn't give me the itouch.

Marcia Francois said...

Yvonne, you're right - that's unfortunately the drawback - the more you can view, the smaller the space.

Tonya said...

My planner has to be small enough to fit in my purse. If I don't have it with me at all times, I end up ditching it after a bit, or getting disorganized because I'll have all these appointment cards floating around that I meant to write in my planner but never did! It also saves time having it with me. If not, I could double-book appointments and then have to call back and change one of them.

I also have medium handwriting and can't stand skinny lines.

I'm so picky when it comes to planners and I haven't found the perfect one yet!

I really love this topic. Thanks!

Alyssa said...

I write large so I prefer larger spaces to write, but as for the size of the whole planner I want it to fit in my pretty large purse.