December 07, 2008

H E L P!!!!!!! I need more time

  • Do your to-do lists feel like they're smothering you?
  • Do you feel like your head is full of noise and it's so distracting?

  • Do you have bright ideas on your computer, on bits of paper, Post-It notes and in your Outlook tasks?

  • Are you spending too much time looking for things and not enough time actually doing them?

  • Is your disorganisation is holding you back and preventing you from doing your best work?

  • Do you regularly have to take a day (or half-day) just to get things back in control?

You'll learn how to

  • set strong boundaries and how to say no
  • identify what's working and, more importantly, what's not working in your life

  • overcome procrastination

  • manage your internal distractions

  • find out your time management style

  • discover your values and why that ties into the way you manage your time

  • effectively delegate, even if you don't have staff

  • eliminate or, at the very least, reduce your stress levels

  • and much, much more

P.S. The bonuses alone are worth more than the package :)

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