December 31, 2008

3 Euro in different currencies

I was switching from this gorgeous, green wallet (what? you don't switch wallets?) and I found some change from our trip to the UK in May.

3 Euro barely buys you a cup of tea in Dublin while here in South Africa you can get a main course for the equivalent (R40). You could also get a nice, big piece of chocolate cake and two cups of tea/ coffee :)

3 Euro is about $4.30 - what will $4.30 buy where you live?

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Anne Alagna said...


Hmmm. Here in Wisconsin (USA) what I could get for that is governed by where I would shop.

At Starbucks Coffee, I could MAYBE get a latte.

I could get 10 of a dozen donuts.

I could get a couple cheeseburgers and fries at McDonalds, but no drink.

At the store on the north side of town I could get a box of Cheese Crackers. At the WalMart 4 miles away I could almost get 2 of those same boxes.

Gas is $1.89/gallon today, so I could get just over 2 gallons.

But I am a simple person so with my $4.30 I would buy flour (10#) and milk (1 gallon) at the discount grocery chain.

I suppose I could buy 10 stamps, but I never write letters anymore... and I have a difficult time rationalizing 42 cents for a stamp that cost 5 cents when I was a kid.

A few months ago I purchased boxes of 24 crayola brand crayons for 20 cents each. Now they are $1.69. Prices are so subjective here that I can't even keep a price book anymore.

The best thing I could get with $4.30 is the smiles from my two youngest kids. If I gave them each $2, they would think they were kings and I would have 30 cents to toss in the change box to take to the bank.

=D Interesting thread. It has really made me think!

Rachel said...

Prices are subjective here too (southern USA) - I often ask my girls, "Can you wait a few weeks, until it is on sale?" My dh has been jobless now since last March. I took a bit more than $4.30 and put that with crafting items that I already had on hand - I bought 4 packages of "cheap" white washrags with the $1.50 for each package - tie dyed and stamp painted them. And ended up with small "spa" sets for everyone on our list. I think most people liked them.