November 30, 2008

How I get the most out of my coaching calls

Coaching in a coffee shop

Being a time management coach, I obviously believe in the process of being coached. So I also have a coach.

I’ve found that I get the most value out of my own coaching sessions by doing these 3 things:

Schedule time to prepare for my coaching call
As part of my weekly planning time, I take a few minutes to decide what I want to discuss during the session. Of course, I make some notes too.

Set the agenda at the start of the call
At the start of the call, I say something like “today, I’d like to focus on these three areas. 1, 2, and 3” just to keep us on track. I have a tendency to sometimes get distracted so this is my way of getting accountability.

Ask myself, “what’s bugging me the most right now?”
Sometimes when I do the weekly planning, I tend to want to do too much work on too many projects. Asking myself this question forces me to get real and focus on priorities instead of nice-to-haves.

That's what works for me.

Do you have a coach? If yes, how do you get the most out of your coaching calls?

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Michelle Shaeffer said...

I keep a notebook with notes of what I need to discuss with my coach and the day before a scheduled session I take time to go over my notes and see which ones are important and need to be priorities. I also make sure I write down any big accomplishments from the last sessions goals because it always feels good to share those. :)

Then, I set my ipod calendar to alert me 30 minutes prior to my coaching sessions, so that I can quickly finish up any tasks that need completed before I can focus on the call, and have a few minutes to review my notes.

Marcia Francois said...

Michelle, that sounds like a great system!

Being that prepared really gets you the most out of the session, so well done.