November 14, 2008

How I do the weekly planning in my home

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So how do I do weekly planning?
  1. Check client appointments, work commitments, teleseminars, coaching calls, when I have a dance class, etc.
  2. Add those appointments to the calendar to see where I have time and where I don't.
  3. Menu plan quick meals and meals that take slightly longer.
  4. Make grocery list to supplement my freezer and pantry.
  5. Pre-cook things like rice, kidney beans and lentils and freeze in the correct portion sizes.
  6. Every evening while I wait for the kettle to boil for my last cup of tea/ coffee, check menu for tomorrow's meal and move food around in my freezer so it's easy to grab and go, or bring food from pantry to my counter top next to the stove. E.g. if I'm doing pasta with a tomato-based sauce, I'll grab the pasta and a can of tomato and place these next to the stove.

My tips

  • Have a set time to do this every week. I usually do the grocery list on Friday evenings because Dion shops the minute he gets home from work while I attack the laundry (attack is so much more proactive, isn't it?)
  • First check your freezer and pantry before you compile your grocery list. And of course, always shop with a grocery list.
  • Commit to eat from your freezer regularly so that you finish food and save some money.
  • Be flexible - move your meals around. If it's a hot day, you don't want an oven-baked casserole so switch to a "cooler" meal instead. Also, if you get invited out, go! People first, and then schedules :)

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Carolyn said...

Hey Marcia, So glad I found you. I love your two blogs.