October 22, 2008

Making time to see friends

These are our friends, Jana & Philip.

Jana and I used to work together many years ago but the two of us were based in different offices.

After one awards function (that spouses also get invited to) the four of us hit it off and we started getting together as couples.

That was 8 years ago.

Now, here's the thing - despite both Jana and I being extremely organised people (in fact she's the reason I'm a professional organiser - I was trying to get her to become one), it somehow never occurred to either of us to plan our next get together before saying our "good nights".

So every time we part ways and a few weeks later one of us will email the other to find a date in our busy schedules to get together. And more often than not, it's MONTHS before we can find a date because we only do Friday nights since they live 45 minutes away and Sunday mornings it's church.

It's crazy!

I don't know why it took that long but I finally figured it out on Friday night when we saw them.

So this time, we all know that they'll be coming to our place for supper next month.

This is SO much more civilised - who would have thought?!

How do you arrange your socials? Ad-hoc and spontaneous, or do you pre-plan them?

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Suzanne said...

How funny! I just sent an email to my friends on Monday apologizing for being so unattentive due to my crazy schedule! :) However, typically what I do is with the friends who live within a couple miles from me, we do a Happy Hour every other Friday. If they can come, great, if not, they know they can catch the next one. It makes if very nice. For the ones who live a bit further out, we try to do organized get togethers; champagne brunch, BBQ's, this Sunday we are going hiking. I do have the occasional friend who will pop over for dinner, which is wonderful. It just all depends on who the people are, where they live, and their life style. But I am definitely the ring leader to getting everyone together.

Even if it means flying my fanny to Scotland to meet up with a dear friend from South Africa! he he eh