October 28, 2008

Goals - are you hooked yet?

I finished teaching a teleclass on goals last week and I must say, it was AWESOME.

I know that despite my own enthusiasm, goals are usually not the most exciting thing in the world for other people ...

until you realise the power of goal-setting

My friends tease me and say that if you look up goals in the dictionary, there you'll see my face. It's true.

I'm passionate about goals and goal-setting but only because I've seen the power in my own life.

I remember at my 30th birthday party I had a little book for people to write messages for me. My friend Jana wrote something like, "only 30 and already you've accomplished so much". That's because I've been setting goals since 1998. This is my 11th year of goal-getting success.

So are you hooked on goals yet? Why or why not?

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