September 10, 2008


I read a post on another Marcia's blog about mayonnaise, and realised that either we're crazy or we're really passionate about mayonnaise.

My vote is for really passionate :)

I love mayonnaise, but only the really tangy one. Keep creamy mayonnaise away from me because that's not real.

We have a brand here called Crosse and Blackwell Tangy Mayonnaise. It is the most expensive one, but I don't care because NOTHING else will do LOL

However, mayonnaise is loaded in fat and you know I'm health-conscious so imagine my DELIGHT when they brought out a "light" version (50% less fat). That particular one is even MORE expensive than the regular one but it's worth it to have a good quality mayonnaise with half the calories. I also tell myself, "life's too short to scrimp on the good stuff"

To redeem this post somewhat, let me share with you some of my favourite things to have with mayonnaise!

I like nice grainy wholewheat bread so imagine the first 2 sandwiches on lovely low-GI seed loaf.

1. Boiled eggs, sliced tomato and a generous dollop of tangy mayonnaise - yum!
2. Tuna, onion finely diced and mixed with mayonnaise...
3. Roast beef, tomato and potato salad - this one works best on a nice seeded roll
4. Pasta salad

The strange thing is the one combination I really don't like is chicken and mayonnaise, which is the most common mayo combo! I never order a chicken mayo ANYthing; instead, I always get a grilled chicken and tomato sandwich if that's the best thing on offer :)

(My husband's favourite sandwich is cheese, lettuce and mayo - ugh! there's something about that cheese and mayo combo that turns me off!)

So how do you feel about mayonnaise? If you like it, which is better? Creamy or tangy?

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Org Junkie said...

I'm a Miracle Whip Light girl myself. So good. Similar to mayonnaise but a little different.

HDMac said...

Passionate!!! lol for Mayo! Isn't it amazing how much a little talk about some subjects trigger that passion! haha

My favorite things with mayo..

Potato Salad (MAYO only now miracle whip)
Sliced tomatoes with a dollop of mayo
Chicken dipped in mayo! lol, yep!!!
Fried bologna sandwich

Oh phooey, just give me the jar! (kiddin')

HDMac said...

that should read NOT Miracle Whip! lol

Janet Barclay said...

Lucky for me I am reading this right after lunch, because all of those sandwiches sound very good and I would be disappointed with anything else!

I'm not sure I know what tangy mayo is though...