September 04, 2008

Gee, but it's been a long week

I moved to a new mailing list service two weeks ago and have been on a STEEP learning curve ever since. Thank goodness instant chat exists in the world because MANY, many nice people have helped over the last two weeks, and even before that while I was still deciding.

I also finally got all my to-dos done! Moved all my ecourses over, set up a separate list for my Gold VIP Inner Circle, set up some autoresponders for when I do talks (specific forms, etc, that I mention), etc, etc.

Don't you love delegating?

I really do because while I was busy with that, my VA did an email marketing campaign for me (which I've been procrastinating on, not because it's not important, but because I hate doing research) and I had the lovely Jo-Lynne redesign the Organising Queen blog. Let me know what you think!

Now I can relax and not a moment too soon!

So what have you done this week?

I'd love to celebrate with you!

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