August 24, 2008

Baking muffins

These are my oatmeal yoghurt muffins. I, of course, love anything with apple and cinnamon, so that's how I always make them.

Which are your favourite muffins?

I had to make a gazillion because it was my birthday

always use muffin cases - less washing up to do :)

little baby ones - very cute!

I pushed chocolate discs into the big ones - they were a lovely, chocolately surprise

for Dion - cheese and onion savoury muffins. Aren't the little ones in the cupcake holders cute?
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*mindi* said...

BLUEBERRY! my very very favorite :)

i loved banana and walnut before i became allergic to bananas. i love anything with walnuts :) yours look yummy! i'm a muffin kind of girl. well, all baked goods, really. ;)

HDMac said...

They all look so yummy. I have to say that blueberry muffins are my favorite also. For a savory muffin, garlic and cheese would be my choice!