August 12, 2008

5 things you should look for when you hire a service professional

That's me speaking to about 100 - 120 people on excellence.
I stopped counting when I got to 100 ;)

I had the bright idea recently to record a "10 steps to help you get more time" audio which is the Quick and Simple guide of my Help! I need more time coaching programme.

I know that I find transcriptions valuable because (1) I'm highly visual and (2) it is really easy to find the exact section you want to read by using the search function, so I set out to hire a transcriptionist for my product.

I was most impressed when I first encountered Tishia Lee and had bookmarked her site some months earlier so that when I was ready, I could easily find her. I'm so happy I did because my whole experience with her was so pleasant that immediately afterwards, I made some notes.

And so, without further ado, let me tell you the 5 things I think you should look for when you hire ANY service professional (and what I found in Tishia Lee):

clear boundaries
When I first came across her site, her rates were lower so I mentioned that in my initial email to her. I loved how she stuck to her guns about her prices but she did give me a discount if I used her for 2 audios. That made me respect her as a businesswoman.

She told me exactly when she had time free to do the transcription and when it would be delivered to me. She also told me what her payment requirements were (deposit and so forth).

deadline and results-driven
She delivered exactly when she said she would (which, now that I think about it, was actually early because of the time difference) and produced work of an exceptionally high standard.

friendly but professional
She was friendly in all her email communications to me, but remained absolutely professional at the same time. She also thanked me when I paid promptly so I told her that I also like to be paid promptly which is why I sow what I want to reap :)

upfront and honest
There were only two words in the whole 60-minute audio that Tishia couldn't make out and when she sent me the transcript, she immediately told me on which pages I could find those words. So cute (I actually expected a lot more words to be misunderstood because of my accent).

If you provide a service to others (and I think in many ways all of us do) then run your own processes through the five points and see if you need to make any adjustments.

And if you need a transcriptionist, in case you couldn't tell, I highly, highly recommend Tishia :)

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P.S. And if you're a purchaser of the Help! I need more time (lite or ultimate versions), this is the story behind the beautiful transcript!

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Tishia said...

Wow such kind words! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed doing business with you and certainly hope to do business with you in the future :-)