July 31, 2008


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I was reminded recently that it's so important to have persistence in business.

My speaking coach, Elizabeth Hagen, said on a recent call that the benefits we reap today are the result of marketing done 3 months ago! 3 months!!!

It's so easy to feel like things aren't working as they should until you realise this is a long-term game. You've got to keep plugging away at activities that will yield results, if not now, then definitely down the line:

  1. talking to groups
  2. article writing
  3. blogging :)
  4. networking
  5. building relationships
  6. writing the weekly ezine
Sometimes I'll go weeks without hearing a single positive thing about my ezine and in one week, I'll get 3 or 4 emails from people saying that it was exactly what they needed to hear, or people might send me messages on Facebook saying "I read your weekly newsletter every single week and wanted to say thanks".

In the same way, even if you don't have a business, don't discount the daily habits you have. When you take consistent action, the results will eventually show up :)

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