July 14, 2008

Small changes

Look at these cuties I bought the other day.

Of course, it is FUH-REEZING in Joburg at the moment so it feels like I'm crazy buying cute things where my toes will actually be open.

Now look at the heel. Those few millimetres of heel make ALL THE DIFFERENCE to me.

You see, I can't wear completely flat shoes because they make my feet hurt. Suzanne's the same in case you're wondering :)

I have to have the slightest bit of heel to take the pressure off my feet . I've rejected MANY pairs of very cute shoes because there was no heel.

When I checked that these sandals had heels, I got to thinking how it is with all of life that small things make such a big difference.

If you take just one SMALL step toward your goal every day, very soon you will have accomplished that goal.

Then, it could be that you're on a path that starts feeling very wrong all of a sudden.

That's usually when people come to me for coaching. Oftentimes, it's not that EVERYTHING is wrong, but just a couple of small things that need to be changed.

Which is why it's so important to review your goals regularly.

I like to do a proper goals review every 6 months. 6 months is long enough to have had a good bash at something so you don't feel like you're just being fickle if you have to change course :)

I'm busy doing my 6-month review so why don't you join me?

Take out a piece of paper, ask yourself these questions and get writing:

  1. how am I doing on my goals?
  2. am I on track to achieve them?
  3. what can I do differently to get there?
  4. what do I need to let go of?
  5. how can I get some support?
  6. how can I make this more fun?
  7. how am I holding myself accountable?
If you need some help, check out how to set and achieve your goals. It's the exact same system I have been using since 1998 to reach my goals consistently every year.

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Suzanne said...

Those are too cute!! I love the little heel on them, way to go, Marcia!!! OH! And keep an eye out on the mail. Your favorite Zoner may have just sent you something for your birthday! he he he