July 22, 2008


my journal - reminds me of the gorgeous Dublin doors
I was chatting to a friend a few weeks ago and saying how it feels like there is no flow in a couple of parts of my life.
Nothing's badly wrong; it just feels like things are a bit stuck, not smooth.
So she suggested that I journal.
Me? Journal?
I am SO not the journalling type but I remembered I'd bought this GORGEOUS red notebook to honour all the open doors in my life so I agreed to give it a bash.
So on Friday last week I opened this book and started writing. And 3 pages later, I felt really good.
I left it for a few days and wrote another half page yesterday.
The benefits seem to be:
  1. getting it out on paper clears the noise in my head
  2. because it's my journal, I don't edit at all in terms of sentence structure, grammar, nothing so it's PURE me
  3. I'm asking myself interesting questions like, "why is it that I feel like this? what's really going on?"

So do you journal? Why or why not?
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Coach J said...

I went through a period in my life where I journalled every day. Right now, it's very seldom that I can sit down and journal, but sometimes that urge to get it all out just comes over me and I find a piece of paper to write out all my thoughts and questions. When I do that, I can see sometimes how selfish I'm being or how I'm not thinking properly AT ALL. Or, just what my heart desires are that God is working on. :)
BTW, I {heart} that notebook. Very much! I love the "honoring the open doors in my life" outlook.

Marcia said...

It is GORGEOUS, isn’t it?

I have another one (pink and brown stripes) that I use for business brainstorming, my coaching calls with my own coach, and so on.

Jenny, I think that’s what’s starting to happen – I just need to get more regular…the only things I usually write are scribbled notes and to-do lists 

Beth Dargis said...

I love reading your benefits. I journal 4-5 times a week, usually during my morning quiet time or if I have a racing mind I write before bed.

Some of my benefits - I notice more when I think I might write about it, I am able to stop and check in with myself so I process emotions regularly and may stop a meltdown, when I read over old journals I see patterns and insights, irrational thoughts look sillier on paper.

I know if I start thinking of something over and over I need to write it down so I can get on with things.

Marcia said...

Beth, I love how you say “if I start thinking of something over and over I need to write it down so I can get on with things”.

That is the truth! You’ll be happy to know I journalled again this morning for 30 minutes!

The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

I've been sporatic at best lately. I have noticed that when I do write things down it helps me to process. If I'm too upset to talk to my hubby about something I'll write it out. Usually I find that I'm way off base and then I'm able to calm down. Our Pastor recently asked everyone in our church to keep a little journal, with the intention of recording prayers and commitments.

Marcia said...

ooh, nice, Jenny. Writing things down does help to process feelings, doesn’t it?

I like the prayer journal too.

Years ago my husband and I ran cell groups for a number of years and we had a little notebook to write down prayers from all the members which we’d bring out every Wed pm. It was so cool to see how God was answering all the prayers!