July 12, 2008

I am fine and happy to be home

Thanks for all your well wishes!
I had my op on Tuesday and it ended up being a bigger procedure than both the doctor and I had anticipated so instead of being released on Tuesday evening, I was only discharged yesterday.
Oh my word - I am SOOOO not made for hospitals :)
I finished my book early on Wednesday morning and then talked the ears off my neighbour, sent text messages to Dion and other friends, checked my Google Reader until my laptop died (they had no adaptor so I couldn't plug in), watched TV, etc, etc.
I was on a clear liquids diet on Wednesday (apple juice and "soup" (salty water!)) and transitioned to a mixed liquids diet on Thursday (yoghurt, tropical fruit juice, Ensure nutritional drink, smoothies).
When Dion visited me on Wed pm, he brought the two-prong adaptor so on Thursday I was ONLINE and LOVING it :)
Cleared my Google Reader, replied to emails, sent email to my list, etc, etc. I also had lots of phone calls, three visitors and the beautiful bunch of flowers (see the picture above).
And then on Friday, I was discharged - yayyyyy - and left the warm hospital to an ice-cold and absolutely freezing Johannesburg. Brrrr!
I must say, the nurses, doctors and staff were all WONDERFUL but still, it is good to be home!

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*mindi* said...

glad you're back :) i've been wondering how your procedure went. i don't like hospitals either, but annabelle thinks they are the best! (they give her lots of special treats like popsicles and lollipops, and she gets all the attention)

annie said...

Glad you're home!
I'm not fond of hospitals either!