July 18, 2008

Afraid to promote your business?

Are you afraid to promote your business?


Maybe you don't want to be regarded as a pushy salesman or a money-hungry person.

The truth is that all of us are in business to make a profit and we're not going to make money (or very much money) if we don't promote ourselves.

I'm generally a very self-confident person because I know that people get GREAT results from my stuff and so I never shy away from shameless self-promotion :)

However I noticed that every time I sent out a promotion email to my list, people would unsubscribe.

And that's when I started resisting promoting myself.

I don't know if I was particularly hormonal or what was going on but one day after this happened, I got really cross. And when I get cross, I go into SOLUTION mode.

1. So I contacted two people - my own coach and a colleague - and asked them if this was normal and if it happened to them too.

Apparently it is normal and does happen to them too :)

2. Then interestingly enough, I heard a teleseminar a few days later and the person said that people who unsubscribe would not buy from you anyway so are probably not your ideal clients.

wow - that was a wake-up call for me.

Now, people still unsubscribe when I promote my offerings but I do know that they were not my ideal clients and I now tell myself I'm creating space for more of those clients in my life :)

Are you afraid to promote your business? Why or why not?
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