July 08, 2008

4 things recently crossed off my life list

Suzanne and Marcia - Loch Lomond, Scotland

I first blogged about my life list last year. I have been quite bad in that my list STILL only has 44 items on it.

* Have a proper photo shoot - the picture on my website and in the profile box on the blogs were taken at the shoot in Feb 2008
* Go to Ireland and eat in an authentic Irish pub - 21 May, Dublin

Dion, Ronan (Irish guy), Marcia, Craig - notice the Guinness on the table

* Go to two dance classes regularly - have been going to Hip Hop and Latina dance classes regularly
* Shop at Tescos in London in memory of Ps Mel - 4 May Tesco Liverpool Street

and making good headway on these two...

* Get rid of all the pigmentation on my face – have had about 6 skin peels/ microdermabrasion sessions
* Meet at least 10 blog friends – Ali 24 Dec 2006, Suzanne 14 May 2008, Stephen 17 May 2008

Suzanne and I met in Scotland, and Stephen and I met in Cork, Ireland (he doesn't want me to link to him because of privacy issues - I know... crazy blogger :))

I like the way I'm framed by these two wearing their black tops :)

Suzanne and I, having some fun. More Suzanne than me actually :)
How are you doing with your life lists?

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P.S. Go make your own life list here

P.P.S. Having an op today so please pray that the doctor does his job properly :)


annie said...

I'm praying for you!
I haven't thought much about a life list... I guess it would be worth writing.

Suzanne said...

He he he, that is CLASSIC!!!!! I look oh so professional!!!!