June 20, 2008

Standing up for yourself

Wicklow, Ireland

I have pigmentation on my face (they tell me it's hormonal) and I've been going to a skin clinic since Sept last year for regular face peels.

In this time, I've had not one, not two, but THREE different therapists.

The first one, Megan, had the MOST GORGEOUS skin. Yes, she was pregnant at the time but she was still a really good ad for the clinic and that's why I signed up after my initial consult. I wanted her skin!

The second therapist, Daniella, replaced Megan when she went on maternity leave. In SA, we usually get at least 3 months off.

She was SUCH a lovely person with just the right blend of friendliness and professionalism and I was truly sorry when she returned to Italy.

Enter therapist number 3 who I'll call C. She did my skin the last time.

She was too quick and made me feel so rushed that it was not in the least bit relaxing. In addition, she's also very pushy with the products which I HATE!

And then I saw absolutely no change afterwards either (the type of peel I get usually results in flaking on the affected areas).

So I've been dreading going back...and yet, up to this point, I usually loved those afternoons. I'm not one for lots of girly pampering so once every three weeks was just right.

I thought about it and decided to stand up for myself (as I coach my clients to do) so I phoned them up and told the receptionist, "My new therapist is C but I'm not happy with her so I'd like someone else from now onwards".

And you know what?

Nothing happened. Except a longer-than-normal pause from the receptionist AND I got a new therapist.

Next time I go, I will certainly speak up if I feel rushed and make sure this girl does her job properly. After all, it IS a lot of money :)

Do you need to stand up for yourself? Or speak up for yourself?
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