June 05, 2008

I AM *that* person

The one that talks to you on the aeroplane :)

But only on short flights (just in case the person doesn't actually have conversational skills)

Anywayyy, so our Ryanair flight from Dublin back to London was delayed for....wait for this...1 hour 20 minutes and by the time we got on the airplane, I was bursting to talk to strangers, after people watching for all that time.

(am I the only one who makes up stories about people? I imagine their lives and if they're on holiday, on business, leaving home, or returning home...)

So I sat next to this girl and she was writing in a travel journal (which was a SIGN I just couldn't resist) so I started talking to her. Turns out she's from Manitoba, Canada and is doing the travel thing for a whole year - great, isn't it?! We chit-chatted about how expensive Dublin is, what the hostels were like, was she scared of travelling alone, how brave she is to be stepping out, etc, etc.
As we landed, I handed her a card and said to send me an email to let me know how she's doing.

Of course, people hardly ever do. But I got a call just as I switched my phone on and I was telling a friend, "I sent you a message on Facebook" so she says to me, "oh, I'm on Facebook" so when I was done, I said to look me up.

Then a few days ago, I get this friend request...

Hi Marcia, I met you on that Ryanair flight from Dublin to London.

and I burst out laughing. I was on such a high because I LOVE connecting with people.

Anyway, so what are you like on planes? Do you talk to strangers or do you keep to yourself?

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Org Junkie said...

Yep I am convinced the couple next to me on our flight to Mexico were not married but having an affair. It was very intriguing :)

Do you play scrabulous on Facebook? I'm addicted!

annie said...

I love talking to people, anywhere... but on planes I'm usually corralling kids :)

Suzanne said...

Can you believe that I am completely silent on planes?! I don't talk, I don't chit chat and if someone tries to talk to me I have this petrified, "Don't talk to me because the plane will crash" smile on my face. Oh ya, I'm a total wimp! So I figure if you ever want to win an arguement with me, just fight with me on the plane, because I'll be too busy gripping the arm rests and making promises to God. :)

Marcia said...


So I could have LOTS of fun with you on a plane :)

Melissa said...

Oh, i LOVE to talk to people on airplanes! I've met some of the neatest people that way. On my way home to the US from Sweden, i met this sweet little lady who lives in Sweden but had an american southern accent. Turns out, she lived in Georgia for years.

Another flight, also in Sweden, i met a family from Italy who invited me to come visit them in Italy anytime! Their 12 year-old son was practicing his English skills with me and in passing mentioned that he loves car magazines but they are so expensive in Italy. I took their address and sent him a few after i got home and got the nicest postcard from him in response!

So anyway, i'm with you - it's fun to meet interesting people, and it helps the time FLY!