June 08, 2008

How do you read your magazine?

Celtic Ross Hotel Cafe - Rosscarbery, Ireland

Tertia posted on her blog about what your magazine reading habits say about you.

The question is: how do you devour your magazine?

And here's what I said:

Hmmm, I mostly like House and Leisure, and Ideas. I only buy when I am "inspired" by beautiful pictures at the Pick and Pay tills.

First off, I take forever to actually read the stuff but the same day I buy them, I do go through and look at all the aforementioned beautiful pictures. *sigh*

Then months later (because weekends are for FICTION!) I actually sit down and READ. I start at the front and read them all the way through like a book. Of course I page straight over the fashion and beauty pages, drool over the recipes and if they look doable (if I actually have the ingredients and they're not too complicated), I tear them out and stick on the fridge. There they stay until I try them or for 2 months, whichever comes first.

I also tear out some of the beautiful spaces that inspire me and pop them into a plastic display folder (flipfile) - I have one that I call Gorgeous Houses. I have flipfiles for Organising Ideas and one for gift ideas (I LOVE making presents look beautiful).

So how do YOU read your magazines?

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Janet Barclay said...

I am very attracted to magazines and could easily buy one every time I go into a store - but I actually buy very few, because I know I'll never get around to reading them!

When I do read a magazine, I usually clip any articles I want to keep as I'm reading, unless the issue looks like it might be a "keeper" - in that case, I'll mark the pages with sticky notes, and if there are a lot, I'll just keep the whole magazine. Otherwise, I'll clip the pages I want and toss the rest.