June 24, 2008

Are you waiting while life passes you by?

London Underground - 4 May 2008

Something happened last week that really upset me BIG time.
I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting (and in between the waiting, trying to make things work in a specific area) for about 18 months.
Well, the something that happened finally made me realize that I was BANGING my head against a wall.
It was not going to happen and I was absolutely devastated and hugely disappointed.
When I stopped crying, I started thinking about what I could learn from this experience, and this is what I came up with:
  1. If I'm to be 100% honest with myself, there had been yellow flags over the 18 months which I chose to ignore. A yellow flag is what happens when your computer's been running unusually slow for a few days, you ignore it and then the whole thing crashes. It's also what Oprah calls that hmmm feeling when you need to listen to your heart.
  2. I'd got into a comfort zone instead of being slightly uncomfortable and on edge.
  3. I'd become a passenger instead of being in the driver's seat of my life.
Nothing but my attitude's changed but I can tell you this - I'm no longer prepared to sit by and let other people make decisions on my life.
How about you?
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(excuse the vagueness - I can't be very specific because I blog using my real name and PEOPLE can find me!!!)

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