May 06, 2008

What we can learn from Flylady about time management

If you haven't yet met the Flylady, do yourself a favor and go on over to check her out.

I love Flylady because of these great time management principles:

1. Make it a habit
When you start the Flylady system, you start working with one habit. When that habit is routine, you add another and then another, until your home cleans itself and you have your life back.

2. "You can do anything for 15 minutes"
This is so true and a great technique for procrastinators! After 15 minutes, you can stop if you want or you can choose to continue. Usually once those first 15 minutes are done, you've built up momentum and you want to carry on with the task.

3. You're not behind
Flylady is such an encourager. She tells you just to jump in wherever you are. Sometimes, we beat ourselves up because we've let something slide so badly (organising papers is an easy and very common problem) and we don't know where to start.

For instance, when I help someone with an overflowing email inbox, and it's really bad, we make a folder called Reference - today's date and put everything in there, and then we start making new rules which are now manageable from today going forward.

4. Check your Control Journal
I love control journals. I have one for my home and one for my business. They really do put your home or business on auto-pilot.When I check my control journal, I don't forget the little things like putting my library books in the car or changing the date on my weekly tips ezine. I like the idea of having a system that I can customize to my needs. I have routines, checklists, projects, etc.

Now remember, you're not behind!
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annie said...

I ♥ flylady!
Hope you're having a wonderful vacation!

Marcia said...

I am, Annie, I am :)