May 08, 2008

Let's talk about money

When you read that, what happened inside?

Did you cringe or say “oh no?? Did your stomach knot up? Or are you still smiling happily?

Your reaction is a very good indicator of what your money situation is like. But to get a TRUE reflection, let’s do a quick financial check-up.

It’s exactly like your annual check-up with your doctor, dentist and gynae. You do have annual check-ups, right? :)

Read through the following statements and note down how many yes answers you have.

1. I balance my bank statement every month
2. I am currently debt-free or have a plan to get there
3. I contribute to a savings plan every month
4. I pay more than the minimum on my bond every month
5. I don’t dream about or depend on winning the lottery to fund my financial future
6. I know exactly where my money goes
7. I never buy food on credit
8. I have a long-term financial plan that supports my present and future goals
9. I live well within my means
10. I am financially secure and don’t worry about money
11. I pay my credit cards in full every month
12. I review my insurance needs every year

Most people score between 2 and 4. Of course, the more you get, the better your prognosis will be.

Download your full financial check-up form.

If you did really well, then great! But if you didn’t do so well, DON’T DESPAIR.

I will help you.

I have an e-course, 10 Steps to your Financial Freedom, which I invite you to check out. You get one lesson every week for 10 weeks and of course, you can email me any questions while you're on the course.

1 comment :

annie said...

Mine are mostly yes answers. I balance my checkbook online almost daily. Great thoughts.