May 20, 2008

Do this ONE thing and you're halfway to your goals

You think I'm exaggerating, don't you?

I'm not!

Before I explain more about the ONE THING, let me give you 3 quick goal-setting success stories:

1. Yvette
Yvette, an admin consultant, approached me at the end of last year and started chatting about her goals. I suggested my how to set and achieve goals e-book which she bought and started working through.

At the end of February this year, I ran into her and she was SO EXCITED because she'd already achieved her TWO major goals - buying a house and getting her driver's licence. Yvette did the ONE thing.

2. Glen
Glen is a personal trainer (a life coach for bodies ;)) who set a couple of goals to improve his body stats.

A few months later, he sent me his before and after stats AND pictures. He'd reached every single goal!

He also told me what his physical goal for 2008 is, and I have absolutely NO DOUBT he'll achieve it because he did the ONE thing.

3. Fiona
Fiona is a very busy work-at-home mom who set a goal in August last year (see, you can set goals anytime) to make herself over - lose some weight and be a better, more put-together her.

At the end of November, she sent me an email, absolutely excited because she'd just about achieved her goals. She also did the ONE thing.

So what is the ONE thing?

They all wrote down their goals and kept them in clear view each and every day.

Yvette, Glen and Fiona did a goals review every single week and tracked their progress.

Just writing down your goals takes you halfway there.

There is a connection that happens in the brain when we put pen to paper and actually write down our goals.

If you also want to achieve your goals, download your 2008 goals form and write them down today.
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P.S. You're reading this while I'm living one of my goals for 2008 - I'm in Ireland!!!

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Gary Goalman said...

This is so true. I remember Brian Tracy saying in one of his seminars that if you write down 10 goals, put the paper away, and refer back to it some time later (perhaps a year, I can't remember) that approximately 8 of those goals will have been accomplished. Of course, he provided examples, etc. too. This is pretty remarkable considering that it is a one time task with no monitoring. Of course, I advocate and monitor my goals constantly, but it is better to write them down and never look at them again then to never write them down in the first place.