April 10, 2008

How do you keep your goals in mind?

A goal is not a goal until it's written down.

So once it's written down, then what?

How do you keep it in mind so you don't forget about your goals?

You stick it up somewhere.

I suggest places where you'll look at them DAILY so they remain top of mind, like:

  • the inside of your wardrobe
  • your fridge
  • inside your daily planner
  • next to your bathroom mirror
  • above your desk

  • My own goals are inside my wardrobe, in my daily planner and above my desk (just for business goals).

    Every day when I go in front of my computer, they are right in front of me to keep me focussed and motivated.

    I have the goals on the one side, my schedule of how I'm going to get there next to it, a monthly calendar (our friend brought it for us from London) and then my monthly goals at the bottom.

    So how do YOU keep your goals in mind?

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